Veyis Güngör is schrijver en voorzitter van Turkevi in Amsterdam

Social capital theory

CIVIL ORGANIZATIONS AND TURKEY-EU RELATIONS TURKISH Europe [1] Assoc. Dr. Talip KÜÇÜKCAN [2] Drs. Veyis Güngör [3] Civil society organizations of modern society, the most effective political pressure and social change takes place among actors. Politics and the more functional understanding of management, spread across the base and a modern structure that today civil society organizations, government bureaucracy is not connected to the wrong they find to criticize official policies, find the support they have freedom. Participatory democratic structures and contribute to the creation of a pluralistic society, civil society organizations are capable of mobilizing a large audience. Advanced level of welfare, get rid of the basic economic concerns had a right to criticize these individuals made up of individuals and in the stable communities or civil society organizations can use it as effectively. In this article the theory of social capital accumulation and the potential of the Turks in Europe in terms of Turkey-EU relations in terms of significance will be emphasized.

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